Sworn translations

Thanks to our sworn translation service, we also support you in more delicate situations, assuming responsibility for the correspondence between the original text and the translated one.

Certified translations

This translation is recognised in the UK and Anglo-Saxon countries in general; the texts must be accompanied by a declaration of accuracy of the translation, and all other information necessary to identify the translator as a professional (name, surname, address, contact details, and so on). In this case, the procedure is relatively streamlined since the translation doesn't need to go through the Sworn Appraisals Office of the Court. It is mainly used for international contracts between private entities, which do not require sworn certification procedures.

Sworn translations

Sworn translations are a special type of translation necessary for texts that will be used in legal proceedings. The sworn translator, insofar as a Court Appointed Expert, (CTU) must certify the correspondence between the translated text and the original text by means of an oath (sworn statement) deposited in the chancery. The submitted documentation includes the original text, the translation, and a sworn statement signed by the operator before a clerk. The sworn statement can also be made before a Justice of the Peace.
By signing the statement and affixing the stamp and registration number of the sworn translator registered with the court, the translator assumes civil and criminal liability for the translation. Sworn certification is necessary when a foreign document needs to be presented in Italy as a valid legal document, and vice versa.

Do you need a sworn or certified translation service? Contact us and we will explain in detail how it is done, what documents are needed, and prepare a personalised quote for you.